Multidisciplinary Studies

Description of Major

The B.S. degree in Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) is an individualized, multidisciplinary degree which allows students flexibility in designing degree programs that relate to their personal academic and career goals. Students will complete the University Core Curriculum requirements, take a cohesive set of courses from two different content areas (cognates), and complete a Multidisciplinary Capstone Experience (1 hour). This degree program will provide a path to achieve baccalaureate degrees for those students whose interests lie in multiple areas and/or whose accumulated semester credit hours may not otherwise combine to qualify them for one of AU's existing baccalaureate degrees.

"Cognate" is defined as a coherent program of study developed in conjunction with a faculty member from that area of study that consists of 24 credit hours minimum. Of those 24 credit hours, at least 9 hours must be 300/400 level courses. The two cognates must total at least 59 hours.