Department of Languages and Literatures

Description of Majors


The primary reason to major in English or one of its related programs is the pure love of language and literature itself--a pathway through the beauty, emotion, and universal themes that link writers as diverse as William Shakespeare, John Milton, Emily Dickinson, and Toni Morrison. Majors also learn to think deeply and write carefully about a rich array of texts and topics–skills that prove useful to many occupations. Employers recognize in English majors the ability to analyze problems, sift through evidence, and speak and write coherently. That experience prepares majors for a variety of careers in the arts, education, business, or communications. Graduates of English programs are prepared to learn for a lifetime because careful reading, deep thinking, and effective communication never become obsolete.

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing major emphasizes the development of creative writing from a grounding in craft and from a study of literary genres and historical periods of literature. The course work features writing workshops and culminates with a senior-level capstone course in which students work toward a polished series of stories or essays, longer narrative, or chapbook of poems.

Integrated Language Arts Education

The Integrated Language Arts major, with a strong foundation in both content and education courses, prepares students for licensure to teach grades 7 through 12. See the Education section of the catalog for requirements beyond course work.