Department of Chemistry/Geology/Physics

Description of Majors


Chemistry is the study of the structure and behavior of atoms, compounds and their properties, and reactions. Whether it is the development of new pharmaceuticals to treat disease, new materials, or reduction of environmental hazards, chemists are at work in many industries and related disciplines such as geology and biology. A degree in chemistry can open the door to almost any scientific or technological field, as well as careers in medicine, business, and law.


Biochemists apply chemistry to understand biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. Biochemists seek to understand the structure and function of molecules found in living organisms. The interdisciplinary nature of biochemistry and molecular biology are blurring the traditional boundary lines between biology and chemistry.

Forensic Chemistry

Forensic chemists apply modern instrumental methods of analysis to criminal investigations. The forensic chemistry major equips students with a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary experience necessary for careers and advanced graduate work in forensic science, law, chemistry, and associated fields of science and engineering.

Majors in chemistry, biochemistry, and forensic chemistry are provided with broad training in chemistry and biochemistry and extensive, hands-on laboratory training, along with the opportunity to conduct independent research with one of our faculty. Our graduates have been successful in continuing their education in graduate and professional schools, and in obtaining positions in chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and government laboratories.